You will have dreams that will rebuild the world!
You will cross the door of the with your theory and practice that pushes the boundaries of your thoughts. To transcend, you will have a big heart armed with the courage to conquer the vast. You will be creative and inquisitive. You will ignite everything said and done into battle in the field of reason! You will not be satisfied with the possibilities you have created and created. You will be after a new one. You will be resurrected and set off. To be able to do this, you will have to carry a fearless heart from start to finish!
You will dig positions for the beautiful sunny days you carry in your dreams and calloused hands and for your victory…
One day you will be the porter carrying stones and sand to the position, the next day you will be the master who built the wall of the position, the next day you will be the commander fighting at the position. Because you will know that every Revolutionary position created will be the threshing floor of the next war.
And you will not forget for a moment the dream of revolution, and your walk on the road to revolution. You will know that on the way to the revolution, you should not give a premium to spontaneity, egoism, and those who eat without producing, and those who extort labor, and you will be in a struggle and you will not give up your struggle. You will resist with your tooth and nail.
You will focus the brain in your head that you carry on your shoulders to think, to be courageous.
But you will know that nothing is and will not happen all of a sudden. You will know that those who strive to do something are not superior to you. So what I’m saying is, my friend, my brother, my friend, and my comrade, you’re going to reject the insecurity, the manipulation, the crony relationship.
The faith that gives confidence to your friend and cracks your enemy will be your patience and determination.
You will come before every political determination with the scientific strength you get from dialectical and historical materialism, having shot the naked prejudice together with self-confidence.
You will deal with those who say it in concrete terms.
Not who is telling the truth; you will take it and place emphasis on working it on the bench of theory and practice.
In the name of dialectical and historical materialism, you will avoid establishing logical equations for the dialectic to come even close to its door. You will name the concrete situation without fear of having a label.
You will draw your strength from your confidence in the persistence of facts.
You will make an effort to see all kinds of changing, transforming and developing balances first.
You will not say it by tiptoeing so timidly, cowardly, but by standing on your feet with all your revolutionary dignity. You will start this business with all your hands, with all your being, without calculation, without interests, without books, with a loving heart full of hope.
The goal should not be to squander the past by remembering the past, or to weep for missed opportunities, but to walk to the rose-scented dawns, where the future is born, by learning from the past.
You will not hesitate to examine the changing and changing balances. You are the one who will produce alternatives in the changing balance, don’t forget! no one else, you will do it; You have to do it, comrade.
Do you think you can become the owner of the hands and brain that has the courage to wake this giant and light big fires without pushing the limits of dreams, balances and thoughts?
Anyway, believe in yourself, start with faith, stubbornness, patience, your strength; You will see your scorching-creating power, the great madness that will frighten even you…

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